How to get interviews in 2024

3 min readMar 1, 2024

Don’t blast apply. Find the right jobs and tailor your resume

For some context, I am a senior product manager and for the past 2 months, I have applied to 21 jobs, connected with 186 professionals on LinkedIn, and got 18 referrals. And recently I got an offer and I accepted!

I have learned a lot through my job search in 2024. And I want to share my thoughts on how to convert more applications to interviews.

Finding the right jobs — part 1

There are two parts. First, I needed to find the right jobs. I searched for jobs on Linkedin and when I search for “product manager” in the US, there were over 9000 results. So I did a different search. I used quotation around “senior product manager”, filtered ‘past week’ and limited to one city. Now the results showed 85 and it seemed more manageable.

Search criteria for LinkedIn (left: broad search. right: narrow search)

Finding the right jobs — part 2

At this point, I can simply apply to all 85 job postings but that isn’t the smartest move because I might be applying to jobs I am not interested in or don’t have the right experience. So I like to look at the minimum and preferred qualifications to see if I have more than 5 bullet points that match my experience. If not, then I skip the job posting. If yes, then I move on to tailoring my resume to the job…




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