Every course I took at Georgia Tech’s online masters in science in computer science (OMSCS) and what I learned

3 min readNov 13, 2022

during 3 years as a part-time student and full-time product manager


I started OMSCS in Fall 2019. 30 credits are required for graduation but I was able to transfer 6 credits from my other graduate program. I am on track to graduate on Fall 2022 with a masters in computer science — interactive intelligence.

computer screen full of code
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CS6460 Education Technology

I learned how technology is used in education space. This course required quite a bit of reading to do. There were regular forums that had to be submitted after reading articles. As the final project, I could have chosen to build a software tool or write a paper in the education space. I chose to write a research paper on how to use gaming technologies to treat neurological disorders. I then submitted this paper to a conference and got the abstract accepted. I did not have to code for this class at all. I recommend this course as a beginner or starting course.

CS6300 Software Development Process

I learned about software development process — about its lifecycle, from research to design to implementation to testing. I used UML framework when…




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